The 26 Mile Club

"Twenty-six miles across the sea... Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me..."
The 26 Mile Club is a way for the Catalina Island Museum to recognize our loyal contributors who have given 5 consecutive years or more.
The inspiration for this club came from a longtime donor who makes an annual donation in the amount of $26,000 to the Catalina Island Museum in honor of the distance between the Los Angeles County shores and Avalon, as so stated in the beloved Four Preps song 26 Miles (Santa Catalina).
Benefits of the 26 Mile Club:
  • Name(s) listed on the Catalina Island Museum website
  • Recognition on the digital display in the Hagenah Family Lobby
  • A 26 Mile Club lapel pin given during your next visit
  • Bragging rights as a long-term supporter of Catalina's sole institution devoted to art, culture and the rich history of Santa Catalina Island
Click here for the 2021 Spring Appeal letter.
26 Mile Club Members
 Ackerman Family
J. Clarke and Caro Aristei
Olin and Ann Barrett

Ron and Mary Celeste Bevins
K.C. and Randy Boelsems

Greg and Lori Bombard
Steve and Margaret Bray
Jim and Joyce Brown
Terry Brown and Matthew Shaklee
Stephen and Patricia Chazen

Catalina Island Company
Bernardine and Martin Curtin
Bruce and Carol Fertig

Jim and Nancy Gaines
Linda and Will Gassett
John and Katherine Gothold
Blanny Avalon Hagenah
John and Dana Hagenah
Phil and Susan Hagenah
Will and Patricia Hagenah
Cliff Hague
Ritch and Kathy Haynes
Laurie Hill

Steve and Ann Hinchliffe
Anne and James Johnson
Gary and Kellie Johnson
Al and Pat Klingensmith
Dorothy and Allan Lay
Julie Perlin Lee and David Lee
Christy Lins
Judith Longyear
Steven Mandel, M.D.
Linda Massey
Misdee Wrigley Miller and James Miller
Paul and Jackie Neil
The Norris Foundation
The Offield Family Foundation
Rudy Piltch
Paul and Sally Reed
Kathleen and David Renton
Curt and Alita Rethmyer
Roy Rose
Alison Wrigley-Rusack and Geoffrey Claflin Rusack
Steve and Ronna Schreiner
Barbara Shores
Jim and Carmelette Simonds
Patricia Steele
Angela and Kevin Strege
Grafton Tanquary Jr. and Maria Tanquary
Nancy and James Welsh
Buddy Wilson II
Craig and Iva Zeman 
Honorary Members: Bruce Belland and Simone Alexander

“26 Miles” Special Lyrics for 26 Miles Club Donors

Written by Bruce Belland

The 26 mile club’s a wonderful thing,
Because of all the generous support you bring,
Giving 5 straight years is one heckuva string,
So “hooray” for you and a ring a ding ding!

Your constant and kind generosity,
Helps perpetuate the Island’s legacy,
And preserve the colorful history
Of this patch of Paradise in the sea

Because of you, now when folks from all around the world,
Come to visit Avalon’s shore,
They can tour our new Museum that tells the Island’s heritage,
The way it never could before,

So at the risk of repetition, let me say to you,
One more time before the song is through,
We really appreciate all you do,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! 

"I have been a fan of the Catalina Island Museum since it was founded in 1953. I have watched it grow, and have participated as a board member several times over the years. I am extremely proud  to have earned a place in the new "26 Mile Club," which demonstrates my financial involvement  in the museum for many years, and especially at this time as the museum is maturing into a very significant attraction in Catalina and is being nationally recognized."  - Roy Rose

JPLee, DML & Anzonette Lee-26 Mile Club
26 Mile Club-Roy Rose being pinned.jpg
26 Mile Club-Jim & Joyce Brown & Steve M
26 Mile Club-Blanny Hagenah pinned by St
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