Past Exhibits

Titanic: Real Artifacts, Real People, Real Stories

OCTOBER 17, 2020 - FEBRUARY 13, 2022

The drama of the RMS Titanic's maiden voyage haunts history with its dualities of ambition and failure, opulence and oppression, tragedy and hope. Through artifacts, images and personal belongings, Titanic shares the stories of the individuals from that fateful crossing and offers viewers an opportunity to touch the lives of those who set sail on the "unsinkable" ship. 

Sponsored by The Offield Family, Patricia Grace Steele, Steven C. Schreiner Family, Jim and Joyce Brown, John Hinchliffe, Lay Famly Fund, Ann and Steve Hinchliffe, Alison Wrigley-Rusack and Geoffrey Claflin Rusack, The Bombard Family, The Bloeser Family, Roy Rose, Metropole Hotel and Marketplace, Ritch and Kathy Haynes, K.C. and Randy Boelsems, Polk Read Enterprise Services, Kellie and Gary Johnson, Catalina Taxi and Tours, IEX Helicopters and Janice Hahn - Los Angeles County Supervisor, 4th District