We Appreciate Your Appreciated Gifts!

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have appreciated in value can be the most tax advantageous way for you to make your gifts to Catalina Island Museum. You avoid paying capital gains on the appreciated amount and you can deduct the value of your gift on the date of transfer, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income for federal income tax purposes.  


Museum friends tell us that a gift of stock is easy to make. We give you our DTC (Depository Trust Company) and account number, and you share that with your broker with instructions to transfer stock so they can send it electronically. 


You can then take the cash you would have given to Catalina Island Museum and purchase more shares of stock to replace the stock you gifted. You end up with the same amount of stock as before. However, you replace lower basis stock with higher cost basis stock and reduce the amount of unrealized capital gains in your portfolio. This creates long-term tax savings for you in capital gains.

Making Gifts of Appreciated Securities to Catalina Island Museum is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. 


1. Contact the Museum

    Attn: Development Dept.


    A.   Your name

    B.   Stock name

    C.   Number of shares

    D.   Date to be transferred

2. Contact your broker with:

    Museum Advisor: Julie Perlin Lee


    DTC Eligible

    Participant #5409

    F/B/O Bank of the West, #74-2060-01-5

    F/C: JD - [61L185016]

    Bank of the West

    13300 Crossroads Parkway North


    City of Industry, CA 91746

3. Provide your broker with:

    Agent ID Account #: 74-2060-01-5

    Account #: 61L185016

    Registration: Catalina Island Museum

    Museum Tax ID: 95-1880698

Consult your tax advisor to maximize the tax savings benefits of giving appreciated securities.  


For questions or more information: 

Development Department

Catalina Island Museum

PO Box 366

Avalon, CA 90704


Click  here  to download the form with this information.

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All donations, sponsorships and memberships to the Catalina Island Museum are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Catalina Island Museum is a privately operated, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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