This tile small tile has a green accent color and the glaze has a satin sheen to it.


Weight: 0.37 lb.

Dimensions: 3in. × 3in. × 0.5in.

3x3 Clover Dot Deco Satin Green Tile

SKU: TP0906
  • RTK Tile is made by Richard and Mary Keit in their studio, located in a beautiful stone cottage in Ojai, California. Richard established the studio in 1979, inspired by analytical geometry, tile making techniques, and a love for exploring. Mary joined the studio in 1990 with a background in pottery, quilting and figure painting. Together, they have completed tile projects large and small all over the world, including lots of work in beautiful Avalon. Their work is a wonderful interpretation the tiles made on Catalina Island, so many years ago. 


    In 1986, Richard completed the monumental project of restoring the Mermaid Mural at the Avalon Casino to her original intended glory. Originally in 1929, when the iconic murals were completed by artist, John Gabriel Beckman, they were designed for tile, but the extremely tight deadline of the project did not allow for the time needed, and they painted the murals directly on the concrete. Richard discovered this original intent and in 1984, reached out directly to Beckman, who at 88 years old, was still actively working as an artist in the movie industry, to collaborate on the project, overseen by William Wrigley, the grandson of William Wrigley, Jr. The completed project was unveiled in 1986, and continues to dazzle visitors from all over the world, today.