The art bundle for the ultimate octopus fan! A beautiful large glass octopus sculpture (available in 5 colors) and a handmade fan made with a Gyotaku reproduction print on traditional handmade Washi paper. 


The Octopus is a delicate creature that takes a certain finesse for Dwight Hwang to capture in Gyotaku print. In real life, the Octopus can be an elusive creative, sneaking away through tiny openings, changing it's color to match it's surroundings - anything to hide from view. Even when being captured in Gyotaku print, the nature of the shy octopus can remain hidden and according to the artist, it is all too easy to print a lifeless and flat looking creature. But through Hwang's gentle expertise and handling, the print reveals a truly emotional and elegant beauty of the Octopus.


This is a reproduction of the original print that has been made on Washi paper, which is the traditional handmade Japanese paper that Dwight uses for his prints, so it is the closest to the quality of his original prints that you can get. Each one is hand stamped with the artist's signature. 


Each glass octopus is made to order and takes up to one week to ship.Bring the secrets of the deep to your dwelling space. Flamework glass undulates between shades of candy red, garnet red, scarlet, and porcelain white.


Dimensions: 3″H X 5-6″W X 3″D

Large Octopus + Washi Print

Glass Octopus Color
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