Old Ben the legendary Bull Sea Lion was a real life treasure of Avalon. Weighing in at a charming 1,750 pounds, Old Ben was a sight to see! He loved people and would greet the summer throngs visiting the island and beg for fish and attention. He made his mark on the silver screen when he was featured in the Mack Sennett film, The Sea Nymphs, in 1914, starring Mabel Normand and Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. This bronze was made to commemorate the legendary and loved Sea Lion of Catalina. 


The Old Ben Bronze was made by Southern California artist, Michael J Hart. Michael J Hart lives in the San Gabriel Valley in California, and has been illustrating, painting and sculpting for 45 years. He has hand drawn maps, drawings and pieces in the Huntington Library and San Gabriel Mission, and has received Congressional recognition awards for his contribution to research documentation and preserving California's History. Michael's Great, Great Grandfather was a buffalo hunter and a Texas Rancher dating back to 1821 before migrating by wagon train to California in 1851, so his roots run deep, as does his appreciation for Western art and history. 


There were 150 bronzes made in this edition. 

Old Ben Bronze

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