Philip K. Wrigley commissioned the artists Otis and Dorothy Shepard in 1932 to create the graphics for advertising campaigns dedicated to Wrigley-Spearmint Gum and the island that Wrigley essentially inherited from his father: Santa Catalina. The strong shapes and playful nature of the shepards' work reveals not only the graphic influence of the Art Deco, but evokes the spirit of old California, which Mr. Wrigley recognized as an essential part of the island's heritage and wanted to preserve. Otis Shepard worked for the Wrigley Company for thirty years and became something of an icon in graphci design circles. His work for Catalina Island embellished luggage stickers, billboards, posters, brochures and advertisements in numerous newspapers and magazines. 


  • Boxed Set of 8 Notecards
  • Blank inside
  • Each card measures 5"x 7"
  • Permanent Collection of the Catalina Island Museum

Schnitzelbank Single Notecard

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