Bowls No. 2 is size Medium and measure approximately 3.5" wide by 3" tall. It has a warm grey and tan speckled color, it has a curved lip and a singular line carved into the outside. 


The soapstone bowls are handmade in Catalina and harken back to a time long ago, a time long before seaplanes and steamerships. Before the Spanish explorers came, the Pimu of the Tongva tribe lived on the island with a population of 3,000. One of the island's natural resources that the tribe utilized was soapstone. In our galleries, you can see many soapstone artifacts, including jewelry, tools and bowls. 


Buck Lopez is a contemporary artist of Catalina Island. He is a mason and artist who grew up on Catalina. He explores many mediums, and got his start as a tattoo artist. After a hand injury, he was forced to stop tattooing, and moved his focus into other art forms. He is a musician, a painter, and brings old artforms back to life with his carvings.


These soapstone bowls are pieces he does that are inspired by the soapstone bowls of the Pimu. He protects the island's natural resources and sustainably sources his soapstone elsewere.


We are proud to carry Buck's work at the museum, and support this local artist. 


These items are handmade and one of a kind, and each one is unique in color, size, shape and design. If you would like to inquire about a custom piece, please email and it can be arranged. 

Soapstone Bowl No. 2

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