The Spiny Lobster is an extremely labor instensive creature for artist, Dwight Hwang to capture in Gyotaku print. The shell of the lobster is completely taken apart and reassmbled, piece by piece to create the print, which is a time consuming and tedious process. The result is breathtaking. This is a reproduction of the original print that has been made on Washi paper, which is the traditional handmade Japanese paper that Dwight uses for his prints, so it is the closest to the quality of his original prints that you can get. Each one is hand stamped with the artist's signature. 


Conceived in mid-19th century Japan as a way to record impressive fishing catches, gyotaku prints are sublime tributes to the struggle, and the respect, between man and the denizens of the deep. As one of the few artists practicing the traditional Japanese methods involving sumi and washi (ink and paper), Dwight Hwang's remarkable works reveal a tenderness and reverence for both the fish he is immortalizing and the legacy of the gyotaku craft.


Click here to see a beautiful video of Dwight Hwang demonstrating the traditional Japanese art form of Gyotaku. 


Measures 13" x 19"

Spiny Lobster Washi Print

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