Catalina Clay Products, Avalonware, Catalinaware, Catalina Tile, Catalina Pottery... all essentially refer to the same thing: beautiful, functional, colorful ceramic wares produced on Santa Catalina Island from approdimately 1927 through 1937. The pottery was very popular in its day and achieved a national distribution and reputation. In the decades that followed tastes changed and Catalina Pottery (along with many others) was largely taken for granted. But by the 1990s the pendulum swung back and today, Catalina Pottery is a highly prized and valued collectible. 


Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of many donors, the Catalina ISland Museum has accumulated a sizeable collection of this very special ceramic ware. This publication, essentially a condensed catalog of our collection, is one way we can make our important collection available to the public. 


Whether you are a stalwart collector of Catalina Pottery or have just discovered this very special ware, this book will show you the range of pottery produced as represented in our collection. We have also included a section on indentification marks and glazes to help collectors correctly identify pieces of this unique and beautiful ceramic ware. 


48 pages, paperback 

The Art of Catalina Clay Products

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