Images from the Bell and Kempster Albums

By Senan Molony, By Steve Raffield


Two unpublished photograph albums include new and rare images of Titanic herself, and seagoing scenes aboard her White Star sister vessels


The work of two passionate photographers, Philip Bell and John Kempster, offer insights into what it meant to build, deploy and operate the great White Star ships in the era of Titanic. From the surging spectacle and excitement of a launch, to the lazy days of a long homeward haul from Australia, we see intimate details of life on-board or are asked to confront the ever-present dangers of an industrial shipyard. RMS Titanic was from the gene pool of an ever-strengthening fleet of vessels that eventually extended to a globe-girdling enterprise. These rare pictures, from a pair of extraordinary albums, provide her context.


144 Pages

Publication Date: 2016

Measures 10" x 10"

Titanic Unseen

SKU: TN0035
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