Catalina Story Project

Catalina Story Project films are created to document life on Catalina Island through the eyes of its longtime residents. The latest in the series is simply entitled Rosie. The film is sweet and heartfelt – just like its subject, Rosie Cadman herself. It touches on her love of her family with comments and stories from her grandchildren. She reminisces about her time running the fish market at the end of the pier, the weighing of over 5,000 marlin and much more! Her love of the island and everyone in this community is genuine and evident throughout. 

The film premiered at the museum on Saturday, May 8, 2021. The evening included a celebration of Rosie's 96th birthday as she was surrounded by family and friends. A second screening will take place Saturday, July 24, 2021 in the museum's Ackerman Family Amphitheater. Click here for more details. 


The Catalina Story Project is in conjunction with Story Bank Productions. Previous subjects include Doug Bombard, Roy Rose and Lolo Saldana. These films can be viewed below and on our YouTube channel. The next island resident to be showcased will be Jani Eisenhut. Her story spans from her younger days growing up in he Casino, to driving tour buses through the interior, playing the chimes and more!


$8,000 is needed to produce the film. Please click the donate button below and select 'Catalina Story Project' from the dropdown menu on the form. If you have suggestions for other island residents to showcase, please click here to send us an email.

Doug Bombard: A Life on Santa Catalina Island


The film explores over 90 years of Catalina’s rich history through the eyes of Doug Bombard, who grew up exploring the island, built numerous businesses, and raised a family at Two Harbors. His recollections – overlaid with historical photographs and accompanied by his wife, Audrey, and his sons, Tim and Greg – bring the past to life with detail and heart. From the building of the original Miss Catalina boats to diving for coins in Avalon to developing the Isthmus, Bombard’s experiences are iconic to the story of Catalina and to the shaping of the island community as we know it today. 

Roy Rose: A Life in Avalon


The film covers the Rose family history and most importantly the vivid details of his first trip to the island during World War II, moving here full-time, taking over his father’s business and enjoying decades of life on the island collecting art. You will get a glimpse into Avalon’s tent city, dancing in the Casino Ballroom, WWII on the island, learn about Chicken Johnny, the S.S. Catalina, diving for coins, delivering newspapers around Avalon, his purchase of a house on the hillside, the 2007 fire on the island and much more!

Lolo and The Barbershop


Highlighting the life and story of Lolo Saldana from childhood on the island to the Chicago Cubs spring training, WWII and how he still works as a full-time barber at 90 years old! "Lolo and the Barbershop" premiered at the Catalina Island Museum on Lolo's 90th birthday in July of 2019.

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