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Whether this is your first year as a museum member or you and your family have been supporters for many years, we hope that the Catalina Island Museum has made a positive impression upon you. Though we are working constantly to share the impactful work we do each year, nothing is more powerful than the words and experiences of others. 


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Examples of testimonials shared to date:

"I brought my parents to the Museum. My dad (from Chicago) was a life-long Cubs fan. He loved the Cubs exhibit - it brought back so many memories. They also loved the "Hollywood" connection with all the old stars. It was fun sharing it with them and seeing them understand why we love the Island so much."

- Todd Hallenbeck

Motivation for Supporting the Museum: "History of the island and a great venue for bringing visitors to the island."  - Paul Kellogg

"The recent Museum exhibit covering the Bird Park, brought back happy memories as a 7-year-old and getting to accompany the Caretaker around as he fed the birds and actually getting in with the large (Emperor) Penguins and being able to feed them some fish."  - Elizabeth Renton-Snyder

"Santa Catalina Island is a magical isle - discover it for yourself at the Catalina Island Museum and make your own memories..."  - Dr. Donald W. Wise

Motivation for Supporting the Museum: "The rich and varied history of Santa Catalina Island calls for a first class institution to collect, interpret and share its intriguing stories. For 65 years the Catalina Island Museum has answered this call with professionalism, thoroughness and class."  - Ron Doutt

"Join. Visit. Contribute. Tell others. The Museum is a place that captures the essence of Catalina Island and its existence will allow it to live on forever."

- Laura Roughton

"I support the Catalina Island Museum because it helps record, share, and promote the Catalina "experience" for both visitors and residents." 

- Donald Beaver

Your answers will help us be more successful when reaching out to foundations and donors for vital support and especially to those who have yet to join the museum member family. As always, thank you for being one of our closest supporters in realizing our vision: An anchor of tradition. A beacon of culture. Inspiring our communities. 

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